Music Streaming Services Available In Africa

Alternatives to Spotify and Apple Music: African music streaming platforms

Music Streaming Services Available In Africa

The Spotify music app is slowly becoming a pioneer in the industry. It’s an easy-to-access and free music streaming service. Similarly, Apple Music is the choice of music app for a large chunk of the population.
Both Spotify and Apple have been running successfully for the past few years. But they are only partially available in each region of Africa.

There are plenty of other African music streaming services growing among native households. Despite having a subscription fee, these channels have grown in popularity. Nearly 35% of channels provide free subscriptions.
We have curated this list of popular music streaming services available in Africa to ease your journey.

Spotify and Apple Music in Africa
Recently, both Spotify and Apple Music have been trying to gain users in Africa. They introduced their streaming services in 80 countries in Africa.

If you are not a part of these streaming countries, you might not be able to access these streaming services. However, you can unblock this content using VPN servers. It’s like changing your geographical location, but virtually, so your internet provider won’t know if you’re from Africa.

For instance, there are several free VPN servers available that you can use. You can visit this website to learn more about these servers and use a VPN like VeePN to access this blocked music content.

8 Music Streaming Platforms In Africa

1. Audioafrica
The Audioafrica application focuses on supporting African music globally. Appsfrica launched this platform in Boston, providing access to people from Africa.

It enables you to access movie playlists and custom albums depending on your mood. The platform is available as a free version for the initial 60 days, and later payment is compulsory.

2. Playfre
Chika Nwaogu launched Playfre in 2019 and now holds over 50 million songs. This platform is available in a few African countries, like Egypt, Kenya, South Africa, and Ghana.

The platform offers the services for a charge of 1 dollar each month. Currently, they have nearly 5000 subscribers with millions of views. They crossed their million-view milestone making one of the best music streaming services in Africa.

3. Boomplay
Transsnet Music Services introduced Boomplay in 2015. The platform focuses on urban African music and has nearly five million music tracks. With over 42 million subscribers, this platform is free and premium.

It provides free ad-supported content with selective download options for the free version. This beautiful music platform is available for monthly subscriptions and gives you unlimited downloads.

4. Udux
Chidi Okeke launched this application in 2019 in Nigeria. This platform combines some of the best music companies like Sony and Universal Music. It has introduced many albums and follows France to support the musicians through payments.

Recently they released the “made in Lagos’ album and introduced PopRev. The platform charges 500 Nairas for premium services. The app has a popular rating and is declared the single repository of global African content.

5. Mziiki
Mziiki is an African music application that plays complete African music for a decent price range. Launched in 2014, Spice VAS Africa introduced this app. It supports nearly 800 African artists, and its namesake means music in Swahili.

Artists can upload their music and share it with their fans. Users can create their playlists and enjoy streaming the downloaded list during their free time.

6. Mdundo
Mdundo is an African music streaming platform launched in 2012 in Kenya. With nearly 1.7 songs and over 1 lakh musicians, this platform focuses only on African music. The album owners receive 50% age company payment based upon the number of listeners.

It is free, and you can opt for the premium version to avoid advertisements. The premium version is comparatively cheaper, and many subscribers access it.

7. Songa by Safaricom
Launched in 2018, Safaricom introduced Songa as a part of its group. It is subscription-based and provides unlimited music with on-demand service. Based in Kenya, this platform offers services to millions with availed subscriptions. This platform is available as a free version for the first two weeks. The platform is bustling with the latest songs.

8. Mkito
It is a Tanzanian online music application introduced by Sune Mushendwa in 2014. Unlike other music applications, the app has limited download options and focuses on helping local artists obtain a chance on the platform. This app is available as a free and subscription-based product.

Does Africa have Spotify?
Only selected countries have Spotify in Africa. This platform is now expanding to nearly 40 countries in Africa. They hope to grow more based on their views and opinions.

What music app works internationally?
Spotify is an international application that is present in almost all countries. The online streaming platform works with over 1.2 million artists and has 70 million songs available.

Is Apple Music available in Africa?
Apple Music is available in some parts of Africa. If your region has the app, listen to the songs or use a VPN for free to unblock it. Nonetheless, Apple is hoping to reach the entire African audience globally.

With Spotify and Apple competing in the market, we slowly ignored these local streaming services. The locals must develop their quality and improve the loading speed for a decent client base.

Use these music streaming services available in Africa to listen to some good music. Remember to use VPN if you want to unblock music content blocked in your region.

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