Themba Broly Wants His Wife, Mpho Wa Badimo Back – “I Messed Up,”

Themba Broly Wants His Wife, Mpho Wa Badimo Back – “I Messed Up,”

Themba Broly claims he wants Michelle “Mmphowabadimo” Mvundla back after she evicted him from their home.

The newlyweds traditionally hinted at a breakup after the BBMzansi winner ranted about her disappointment in Themba and also kicked him out of the house by sharing a photo of his packed luggage stored outside the apartment.

Broly tells ZiMoja that the problems in their marriage are the result of his lack of communication with her.

Themba, who recently announced that he was having hand surgery, claimed that he left the house without informing his pregnant wife so as not to stress her.

“The operation cost me R80 000 and the hospital stay was R15 000,” he says. “I didn’t want to stress Mpho, she is pregnant and already, you know how stressful pregnancy can be. So, I left without telling her.”

“I told her that I needed some space, just get away. That was a lie, I didn’t want to burden her with my problems. She kept calling me, but I was highly medicated.”

He got to realize that there’s a problem in their union through social media.

“She didn’t say it was over but packing my things, that is a sign.”

Themba Broly accepts that he messed up and he is willing to reunite them as he still loves her.

“I know I’m not perfect. I am crazy, but I love Mpho.”

“I can’t go back home and I can’t go to our place because she kicked me out. I only managed to secure a temporary place now, today. I am going to fight for our relationship, I don’t care who says what. I know I messed up.”


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