Reactions As SA Teacher Lulu Menziwa Turns Head With Sexy Outfit

Reactions As SA Teacher Lulu Menziwa Turns Head With Sexy Outfit

The South Africa’s sexiest teacher, Lulu Menziwa,  trended on social media on Monday, 13 March after posting photos of herself wearing tight leather pants in her classroom.


Lulu Menziwa, a popular “sexy” teacher, was blue ticked by tweeps who revealed that her leather pants are inappropriate for students and colleagues.

A tweep with the [email protected]__kb called her out and tweeted:” Her outfit is very provoking, she knows that outfit is appropriate for students and colleagues.”.

Another tweep @AdvocateMpohla agreed that her latest outfit isn’t suitable for school: ”While we can’t police people, especially women, surely there is a dress code at her place of employment. It’s a professional setting, the same way a male teacher can’t show up with shorts and a vest or anything unprofessional. The fit of these trousers is unprofessional.”

While Menziwa’s sexy online pictures and work wardrobe may upset parents and social media users, it’s been reported that the Department of Basic Education does not implement a “dress code” for educators.


The KwaZulu-Natal “sexy” teacher Lulu Menziwa became popular in 2022 after pictures of her went viral on social media and after it was reported her net worth allegedly amounts to R7 million.

More reactions from social media:

@OkayI15: “Is it compulsory that you have to take pictures in class while teaching, why not take them at home before going to school?”

@Agrippanstein: “I wanna do my Matric all over again angikho (not) happy with my levels.”

@MbombiWillfred: “Nna I have one Kwexini who took those pictures?”

@Seed_WellRSA: “I am sure kwesiskole parents meetings are attended by oobaba bengane” (I’m sure parents meetings are attended by the dads).

@ChimoMa6: “One thing I know is that I wouldn’t go into the office in a bodysuit as a complete outfit without a jacket /cardigan. The pants can’t really fault her, they don’t look right, and her physique will give any bottom item an exotic look (can’t really do anything about that)”

@AdvocateMpohla: “I respectfully disagree on the pants. I think a person knows their body. That trouser was worn because of how it shapes her body. She clearly intended to create content. I’m not judging, it’s a free country after all.”\







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