Mixed Reactions To Queen Minaj’s New Pictures – ‘Garden Of Eden’

Mixed Reactions To Queen Minaj’s New Pictures – ‘Garden Of Eden’

Queen Minaj, An Ama2000 singer and controversial influencer recently gave social media users another jaw-dropping reason for them to argue with one another in the comment section as they express their unrequested moral beliefs regarding her sexually suggestive stuns of walking around half-dressed in public after seeing her latest pictures online.

“Warning: The content contained within this article features imagery which readers may find disturbing.”

After a popular Twitter user saw the latest picture of Queen Minaj covered in leaves, they re-shared the photos and captioned,

“The world really ended in 2000, Bafethu [guys]. We are already in hell, trust.”


Queen Minaj has gained quite a following after strutting her assets in public and sharing half-naked pictures of herself online. Other inspired females in Mzansi have been spotted dressed in similar attires as the controversial influencer and seen going about their business in public also half-dressed, The South African previously reported.

According to IOL, Queen Minaj’s real name is Lunya Makua. Last year she was said to have been under fire after she took pictures with school learners from Limpopo and shared them on social media without their consent.

Some of the learners were said to have even taken photos with the erotic influencer whilst touching her derriere.

After seeing the Ama2000 influencer’s latest photos, some social media users were totally against her ways. They were convinced she needed professional help. Meanwhile, other online users stood firmly by Queen Minaj and agreed with her previous statement saying that it is her body and she could do as she pleased with it.


“She’s really going around wearing that Vineyard 👀?” @Sonto_M_Myeza asked.

“South Africans are quite obsessed with policing women’s bodies. Which is odd because section 12(2)(b) of the Constitution, a state document, protects the “right of everyone to bodily & psychological integrity, which includes the right to security in & control over their bodies,” @msimanag_wela commented.

“They say it’s a free country, but this cheap and immoral,” @NyangweniA wrote.

“People, I repeat, this girl is going through a very bad phase and surely needs help. I’m sure we have psychologists who can help; surely something bad happened or is lacking in her upbringing. She needs help and prayers. All of this is not normal,” @rshebby said.

“If it wasn’t for Eve eating that apple and forcing Adam to also eat it, we would all be walking around looking like this 😉😹😹 Yazi Eve messed up,” @Owomthetho shared.

“Eve 👀…#GardenOfEden,” @SandileKaMsibi reacted.

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